We help determine the culture of the organization by examining the attitudes of personnel and the policies that dictate employee expectations and behaviors.

We use tools that help determine individual’s personality traits as well as their strengths and points for improvement.

We help guide individuals to discover meaning and get comfortable with being change agents.

We assist individuals in examining their daily behaviors to understand how their behaviors are either helping or hindering their path to success.


Guiding Principles

  • Successful individuals utilize principles of self-management on a daily basis to help them reach their goals

  • Success depends on an individual’s ability to change one’s thoughts, behaviors, and actions and apply learned principles to one’s everyday life

  • Successful individuals choose to focus on “meaning-making” in their position rather than be comfortable with the norm

  • Successful individuals understand the important role that self-care has in their ability to continue to meet their goals

  • Successful employees are engaged at work

  • Successful employees take ownership for the success of the organization they are a part of

  • Successful employees are given appropriate and ample time for self-care

  • Successful employees feel like they are valued and the organization’s leadership cares about them.



We assist organizations in developing policies, standards, and expectations that can lead to positive culture change.

We help individuals set personalized goals based on strengths, personality, and home/work environment.

We help individuals determine their best course of action to apply self-management and self-care principles that are in-line with their life circumstances.


We continue to work with our clients well past the change phase in order to provide accountability and guarantee that the organization will achieve success.  


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