We use tools such as Level-Up Evaluations©, staff interviews, and more to determine employee perceptions of leadership.

We examine communication practices, conflict resolution practices, and employee engagement and incentives to help determine organizational culture.

We review strategic plans, goals and objectives, benchmarking data, best practices, and political climate to understand future potential of the organization.

Assessed data will be put into a SWOT analysis for organizational leadership to review.




We make recommendations for administrative, leadership, and management changes based on our findings. Working alongside organizational leadership, we help develop a sustainable plan to implement change within the organization.


We continue to work with our clients well past the change phase in order to provide accountability and guarantee that the organization will achieve success.  


Guiding Principles

  • Successful leaders take ownership & accountability for everything that happens in their organization

  • Successful leaders must be able to create a shared vision that stakeholders, employees, and clients will buy in to

  • Successful leaders make strategic planning and goal-setting an ongoing process

  • Successful leaders are constantly working to engage, inspire, and encourage their staff to lead the organization to excellence

  • Successful leaders must be able to effectively communicate with all stakeholders, resolve conflicts and issues, and represent the organization from a political viewpoint