We conduct client needs and satisfaction assessments to provide insight into the current organization-client relationship.

We review external communication practices to determine how the client is receiving the organization's message.

We review the employee-client relationship to understand if clients view employees as agents/champions of the organization or as "just employees"

We review current customer/client policies to determine if they are inclusive and best practice.


Guiding Principles

  • Successful client relationships are built on solid communication practices

  • The management of the client relationship is paramount to the success of the partnership

  • Successful client relationships require personalizing the experience for each client and making them feel important

  • Gaining clients requires successful organization branding strategies

  • Maintaining clients requires that clients continue to feel like they are the most important aspect of the organization regardless of organization growth, personnel turnover, or other changes

  • The client must receive an excellent experience during every encounter with the organization



Based on Insight stage findings, we consult on policy changes if necessary in order to establish more inclusive, client-centered practices.

We develop and deliver customized training for your organization in order to foster employee-client relationships

We make recommendations for client-centered programs and services.


We continue to work with our clients well past the change phase in order to provide accountability and guarantee that the organization will achieve success.